Dear Parents,

Welcome to marching band post season! We have made it to the next level, please note that all performances will be held in the Phoenix Area till the end of the season.  Now that we have very little new material it is super important that your child spend time practicing their music and showing up to scheduled practice. We need to norm our styles and work consistent style. Today your child will bring home a lavender handout for this coming Saturday at Hamilton HS in Chandler.

Week at a Glance:
Monday – 5:45-8:45pm Rehearsal
Tuesday – Open Booster Meeting 7pm – Bandroom
Wednesday – sectional times available
Thursday – Halloween!
Friday – Rehearsal 4:30- 8:30pm (objective sheets due)
Saturday – 11am report, 2:30 warm-up, 3:30 perform, 9pm return to SHS

Thank you for all of your support so far this season, the students have really rallied to success. We still need 2-3 more parents to attend our event this Saturday with the band. Please sign up on our sign-up

Christine Garcia
Sahuarita High School
Band and Orchestra Director
South Central Region Orchestra Chair
(520) 625-3502 X 1551